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From The President

It is no secret that the tourism sector has faced a status-quo in the last few years, and the current climate is much more challenging for restaurant owners than the ‘golden era’ between 2009 and 2011, when the hospitality sector boomed, the number of tourists reached a record 2.16 million in 2010, and revenues and turnovers soared.

Obviously, the political instability and incorrect financial policies have exponentially headed toward the current economic collapse.

Prior the uprising of October 17, the Syndicate has warned that Lebanon was missing all the essential components for life, on the social, economic, financial and environmental levels, compounded by a lack of purchasing power, which has actually begun since 2011.

Since the beginning of September until December 2019, the restaurants sector has unfortunately witnessed a huge wave of shutdowns. In figures, during the period of September and October more than 265 restaurants, cafes and other food-and-beverage establishments have closed up shop. And by end of November, the number increased by a further 200, bringing the total to 465 institutions closed.

In order to overcome the disastrous situation, we are pleading the landlords to reconsider financial dues and reduce rents, as to allow the restaurants to resume operating in light of the crisis and prevent the vacancy of these locations; not to mention the necessity of restructuring of taxes with the cancellation of all fines.

We urge the government to take quick and serious steps to save this sector that is now on its last breaths.

I call all my colleagues to rely on the social solidarity with their employees and staff, and commit to the economic unity, until our sector returns to be one of the most profitable sectors that can keep Lebanon on its feet. Let us rely on our internal managerial structure for cost control and crisis management, and cut costing in order to survive this delicate hard period. Sticking to quality, value and taste is the magic equation to keeping the business going.

A glimpse of hope is seen at the end of the dark tunnel, showcased in the figures of the tourist inbounds in 2019, whereby the total number reached 1,936,320, according to the Ministry of Tourism statistics. The remarkable number of European tourists outstanding to form 720,421, making around 40% of the inbounds.

Hence, the Lebanese market is witnessing a new emerging kind of tourism, the European tourism. I invite the restaurant owners to make the necessary adaption to this genre and to meet the market requirements, i.e. meal package, offers, menu formula…

While the Phoenix rises from its ashes, our passion continues to animate our entire institution and to drive towards what it has become today. Our profound commitment is to be a driving force behind the food & beverage industry in Lebanon.

Our board of Directors believes that the industry can have a more powerful and positive impact on the country and we are working together, along with syndicate members and partners to keep raising the industry’s standards and creating a positive image for the overall sector.

Tony Ramy
President of Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Night-clubs & Pastries in Lebanon

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

- George Bernard Shaw

Latest standards of health safety

The SORCNP was directly involved in providing pragmatic solutions and displaying leadership and knowledge in food safety and hygiene. The SORCNP’s diplomatic approach, through intensive meetings with Minister Wael Abou Faour, were key to establishing an agreement that resulted in a positive impact for business owners.

The SORCNP along with its partners, presented a unified food safety and hygiene law that was adopted by both the Ministry of Tourism & the Ministry of Public Health. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with GWR Food Safety and Boecker, the leading Food Safety and Hygiene Consultants in the region, forming a close bond with the Syndicate. As a result, the proposed food safety law is on par with global standards and an executive training program was created.

The Syndicate RCNP is a member of the UNWTO - Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

Global Code of Ethics
المدونة العالمية لأخلاقيات السياحة


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